Safety Committee #

We are looking for two nurses who would like to attend Safety Committee meetings. The purpose of this committee is to inves­ti­gate safety and health issues and to advise the Employer of educa­tion and preven­tive health measures for the workplace and its employees, including issues of workplace violence preven­tion and response.

The contract speci­fies that we can have five RNs. Three nurses have already volun­teered: Dian Davis, Anna Simonelli, and Janeene Gregory. The meetings occur monthly and on paid time. Please contact Dian Davis at to volun­teer or if you have questions.

Opportunity for Continuing Education: Leadership Conference March 29-31, 2020 in Chelan #

The educa­tion begins on Sunday, March 29. The regis­tra­tion is free. We are offering 14 schol­ar­ships (Full hotel room reimburse­ment if sharing a room; Half hotel room reimburse­ment if not sharing; roundtrip mileage reimburse­ment and $40 meal stipend). First consid­er­a­tion will be given to those who have never attended WSNA Leader­ship Conference.

If you are inter­ested, please contact Janet Stewart at