Cutting corners on RN benefits and working conditions proves costly for St. Joseph Medical Center-Tacoma  #

We know from our experi­ence that nurses are leaving St. Joe’s. We are stretched too thin, working under moral distress and burned out.

WSNA pulled the numbers, and the statis­tics confirm our feelings. Read our latest blog post and you’ll learn that:

 “… turnover at SJMC in 2017 was a whopping 44% higher than the national average, while 2018 turnover came in a close second at “only” 21.5% greater than the national average. These numbers are unacceptable.”

We’re taking these numbers to the public and we’re taking them to manage­ment. We’re telling them this is obscene. Arm yourself with the facts.

Talking to the Public
We’re getting media atten­tion and solic­iting commu­nity support. How we talk about our bargaining efforts at St. Joe’s matters. That’s why we’ve put together some guidance on what you can say to educate those who may ask about our issues – and get them on our side!
Download our guide.