As your negoti­a­tion team we worked hard on your behalf.

The negoti­a­tion team is committed to redouble efforts to achieve an agree­ment ALL nurses support.

Now we need to hear from you.

Give us your input, tell us your thoughts and concerns about the contract being rejected.

If you voted against it, we want to under­stand why

Watch for notice of a survey on Monday, April 15. Please complete it ASAP and tell your coworkers to do the same.

The survey is the first step to help us win a fair contract for St. Joe’s nurses:

We are strong, we are many, and we should not have to be fighting this hard for a fair contract. But we will!

In Solidarity!

Your negoti­a­tion team: Dian Davis, Janet Stewart, Linda Burbank, Rachael DeSouza, Melissa Garcia, Katie Miller, Francine Gumina and Tiffany Repar

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Rep. Pat McClure at (360) 904‑8004 or