Monthly happy hour #

The next happy hour date is Wed., Sept. 5. 

Where: 7 Seas Brewery
When: 5 – 7 p.m.

Please join your coworkers for happy hour! We do it every month after New Hire Orien­ta­tion. We’ll provide snacks and have a copy of our current contract. We can talk about workplace concerns, contract questions and/​or simply hang out and have fun together!

Lunch conversation at Red Elm #

Where: Red Elm Café
When: Tues., Sept. 18 from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.

Happy Hour isn’t your thing? Join us for lunch and conversation.

Come to lunch at Red Elm (five blocks from the hospital on MLK). Again, we’ll provide food, and can talk about workplace issues or simply relax together.

Some of us attended confer­ences this month and wrote about our experi­ences. Check out the awesome things SJMC are up to! If you also would like to attend a conven­tion, let us know!

Rachael De Souza writes: #

The Washington State Labor Council Conven­tion was in Wenatchee this month, and I attended as a WSNA delegate. There were many good workshops. I learned about the Janus decision, best practices for LGBTQ workers and our state’s voting rights act, among other topics. I enjoyed meeting people who are pipefit­ters, aerospace engineers, farm workers, teachers, public sector workers, electri­cians, food service workers and union staff supporting them. My favorite parts were: 

  • Rooming with Liz Leske, the co-chair of TG’s WSNA unit, and planning future local events that SJMC and TG can do together. 
  • Infor­ma­tional picketing at Central Washington Hospital (a WSNA facility). The technical workers, UFCW members, are in diffi­cult contract negoti­a­tions. After the picket, manage­ment agreed to return to the bargaining table with a mediator! 
  • Feeling the sense of trust, family and fun shared by labor union members. 
  • Listening to Elise Bryant, presi­dent of the Coali­tion of Labor Union Women, speak about the labor movement and sing tradi­tional labor songs. 

The Pierce County chapter of the Washington State Labor Council meets monthly in Tacoma. If you want to learn more about local labor issues, consider coming to a PCCLC meeting. I’ll be there! Write to me for more information. 

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John Gustafson writes: #

I was a delegate to the American Feder­a­tion of Teachers (AFT) Confer­ence in Pitts­burg PA. AFT has 1.7 million members and all WSNA members are AFT members, too. Edna Cortez, Chair of Seattle Children’s local unit, and I stood up in support of a resolu­tion on Promoting Preven­tion of Workplace Violence. 

During the 4 day confer­ence there were speeches, presen­ta­tions and much support given to nurses at the confer­ence by Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Eliza­beth Warren, Gover­nors and Mayors and other legis­la­tors. I encourage all WSNA AFT members to get involved. We Care, We Fight, We Show up and We Vote. Please register and vote in the next election.

Would you like to be more involved? Have ideas for an event? Want to see something change? Please let me know! We can make it happen together.

For any questions, please contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Sara Frey at