Nurses at SJMC shouldn’t be afraid for our lives when we go to work, yet several nurses were seriously assaulted by the very patients for whom they were caring.

WSNA and your officers are aware of a recent string of violent incidents involving a patient on an invol­un­tary hold at the hospital. These incidents have resulted in a number of nurses receiving signif­i­cant injuries. SJMC has an oblig­a­tion to imple­ment all neces­sary measures to prevent and protect nurses and other employees from violence and threats of violence in the workplace.

It’s time to act:

  • We have taken immediate and swift action. A demand for action letter was sent to SJMC’s CEO insisting they respond to this serious threat to nurses and staff. Find the letter here.
  • Demand for infor­ma­tion requested. An infor­ma­tion request has been submitted to deter­mine what further steps need to be taken to ensure the hospital is in compli­ance with the law and your collec­tive bargaining agreement.
  • L&I complaint filed. We have filed a complaint with the Division of Occupa­tional Safety and Health (DOSH) at L&I for failing to ensure your safety in the workplace, failing to provide adequate training and failing to evaluate workplace violence incidents in order to better protect nurses and other employees from harm.

We should not have to go to work with the fear that we will be the victim of a violent attack. We have every right to expect our employer to take all precau­tions, as required by law, to prevent such attacks. If you have questions or believe you are being placed in a specific, dangerous situa­tion, please contact one of us, your local unit officers, WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Sara Frey.

Your local unit officers,

Dian Davis, WSNA Chair
Allie Jones, WSNA Secre­tary
Janet Stewart, WSNA Treasurer and Griev­ance Officer
Linda Burbank, WSNA Griev­ance Officer
John Gustafson, WSNA Griev­ance Officer
Rachael DeSouza, WSNA Member­ship Coordinator