In these scary times, we are so grateful to you, our members, and all of the work that you are doing on the front lines.” We have heard from several of you about serious concerns at SJMC and St. Clare, including:

  • Lack of access to PPE

  • Low census as units shut down or reduce hours

  • Hazard Pay

  • Redeploy­ment or floating of nurses into areas focused on treating COVID-19 patients

  • Access to paid leave if a nurse is unable to work for reasons related to COVID-19

WSNA has been working hard to address these concerns. We have been working at facil­i­ties across the state to ensure as many protec­tions for nurses are in place as possible. Specif­i­cally, WSNA has been focusing on negoti­ating agree­ments to ensure that nurses have access to paid leave (separate from existing accrued leave) when their hours are reduced and hazard pay. Another area of focus has been negoti­ating over when and under what circum­stances nurses can float out of their home unit/​clinical grouping in response to hospi­tals’ shifting opera­tions and staffing needs.

WSNA has negoti­ated two agree­ments with CHI and is in the process of trying to negotiate a third. The first agree­ment addresses when nurses are entitled to paid leave related to COVID-19 exposure and nurses that are part of the part of the CDC’s at-risk group. The second agree­ment addresses volun­tary floating from one CHI facility to another. The third, which we are currently negoti­ating, includes provi­sions and protec­tions for nurses regarding the additional concerns noted above.

Please continue to share your concerns with WSNA. If you haven’t already please take a moment to fill out the COVID-19 Healthy Workplace Survey, and sign our petition and encourage everyone you know to sign it too. The more people that sign the petition the more pressure it puts on employers to do the right thing for the dedicated nurses they employ.