Don’t miss amazing speakers, great professional development and a full year of CNEs! #

We’ll cover your early bird regis­tra­tion fee of $400 so that you can attend this fun and educa­tional event. Early bird regis­tra­tion ends Dec. 31, 2018 – if you’re inter­ested in this great oppor­tu­nity, reach out to us today.

The schol­ar­ship also includes reimburse­ment for a 2‑night stay, mileage and a $50 meal stipend.

More infor­ma­tion, including the full conven­tion agenda, at rncon​ven​tion​.org.

Please note:

  • First consid­er­a­tion will be given to those who did not attend the 2017 Convention.
  • The Thursday evening banquet is included in the regis­tra­tion fee.
  • The schol­ar­ship does not include the $150 optional Suicide Preven­tion training on Friday.
  • Coupon codes will still work after Dec. 31 but will not cover the additional $50 fee for regular (not early bird) registration.

Please contact WSNA Local Unit Treasurer Janet Stewart, RN or at 253 – 831-3923 to reserve your spot.

Also avail­able: Manda­tory Suicide Preven­tion Training Add-on
(Not included in Local Unit sponsored free regis­tra­tion.)

With the Univer­sity of Washington School of Nursing, WSNA is offering the oppor­tu­nity to fulfill your 6‑hour manda­tory suicide preven­tion training require­ment for licen­sure as part of your trip to Conven­tion. This training is approved by the Washington Depart­ment of Health and is on their model list. Separate regis­tra­tion required. Lunch provided. 6 CNEs.