Electronic Meal Waiver and PTO accruals

What Nurses Need to Know

On December 11, Providence notified WSNA of their plan to implement a second meal break electronic waiver for nurses. They have told us the form is completely voluntary and that nurses can make any changes to their initial electronic waiver.  While WSNA believes nurses can waive their rest or meal breaks should they choose the decision to do so should not be a pressured one.  In addition, the electronic waiver form is not legal and binding because it was not negotiated with us. Lastly, the employer cannot unilaterally change the hours of work for nurses without bargaining it.

As a result, on December 20, 2023, a cease and desist as well as a demand to bargain was sent to Providence management by WSNA.  Anything that has to do with wages, hours and working conditions are mandatory subjects of bargaining and we believe this is a working condition and must be bargained.

We also heard that Providence has discovered a technical issue in Genesis which has caused some nurses to accrue time off at a lower rate, and some at a higher rate.  Some nurses are also impacted by having a wrong service award date.  We find this to be a clear contract violation, and as a result an Association Grievance has been filed to protect our valuable nurses.

We will continue to monitor these two situations very closely and will ensure all rights of the nurses are enforced and the contract is upheld.

Questions? Contact your WSNA Nurse Representative.