We have a new MOU!


After an in person vote on campus, the nurses of St. Luke's unanimously voted YES on an extra shift incentive MOU. This agreement is in effect through October 31, 2023.  A HUGE thanks to WSNA Chair Jeff Dubrawski and WSNA Co-chair Keith Hawvermale for continuing to advocate for the nurses at St. Luke’s when administration refused to renew and let it expire. 

We have secured new language that nurses who experience low census still qualify for incentive pay and nurses who have pre-approved PTO also qualify for incentive pay. Administration also agreed that this incentive to be retroactive to the date of ratification, August 25, 2023. We asked multiple times for the agreement to extend through December 31 to carry support through the holiday season, but the administration declined. They also refused to agree to language that clearly stated every time St. Luke’s solicit staffing help, those shifts qualify regardless for incentive. They state that nurses haven’t been denied incentive and that it was unnecessary. If you or a colleague are told you do not qualify for incentive shift pay and feel you have met the criteria, please reach out to an officer ASAP or to your WSNA Nurse Representative. The fully executed document is available for you to view on your local homepage.

Holiday Schedule Elections

 We were made aware that administration failed to put out your holiday preference binder by August 15. Article 6.4 states, "For Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, SLR will seek volunteers during the month of August for all three holidays. New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve shall also be scheduled at the same time, and in accordance with these procedures, even though they are not recognized, paid holidays. On or before August 15, the managers shall ask nurses to rank these five “holidays,” starting with the most important to have off. The managers shall then make holiday work schedules based on employees’ preferences.". 

We communicated to the administration that this needed to be made available by Friday, September 1, 2023 or we would pursue a grievance. Their response is that it is to be available by that date and through September 15, 2023 for nurses to elect their preferences. Please keep in mind, those holiday schedules are still due by administration by September 30 and we will be following this closely. Please reach out with any concerns! 

Questions? Contact your WSNA Nurse Representative Alle Machorro at amachorro@wsna.org.