WSNA at St. Luke's Negotiations

STL Uk team

Day 3 ended with a full day of conversations, but no tentative agreements. Your WSNA bargaining team continued to press matters of importance to the unit.  We continue to push for comprehensive preceptor language to ensure that new hires and employees transferring to new areas have dedicated support and training so that they can be successful in their new positions. Among other things, we proposed that a preceptor should not be required to be a charge nurse and preceptor at the same time, for obvious reasons. Management has rejected this proposal.

We have also proposed new contract language requiring SLR to maintain the current Providence retirement benefits that they currently offer to the bargaining unit. This language would protect nurses from negative changes to the retirement plan. Providence has agreed to similar language in contracts with WSNA at Sacred Heart and Holy Family.  Why does Providence think that its nurses at SLR deserve less?

We also proposed a more equitable way of compensating nurses who work on the holidays. We believe that this would not cause SLR to pay more for holiday work. Yet, Management refuses because it would require them to change the settings in Kronos.

At our last session, we proposed to restore the recently-expired extra shift incentive MOU.  We know that SLR is having a hard time recruiting and retaining nurses and that they have a hard time filling shifts. Recently, SLR hired yet more travelers because they have insufficient core staffing. The extra shift incentive would help fill staffing needs with experienced SLR nurses. Yet, SLR refuses to offer incentive shifts to our bargaining unit but continues to offer them to LPNs and CNAs.

Today, SLR proposed to eliminate the language in article 17.4 (Staffing Committee) entirely, and replace it with language saying they will comply with only what is required by law. This is a drastic change from the current language. We will continue to press for language that gives our bargaining unit meaningful say in staffing levels. Management’s  proposal is a way to reduce your rights when it comes to staffing issues.

Lastly, we received the remainder of the wage proposal from management. In years two and three, management is proposing an insufficient 2% increase for all classifications. We don’t feel this meets the market, and if agreed to, will only widen the gap between wages at St. Luke’s and those at Holy Family and Sacred Heart. Nurses at the top step at Sacred Heart and Holy Family make over $23/hr more than their counterparts at SLR! This is unconscionable! SLR must pay its nurses competitive and fair wages to address the real staffing issues.

Our next day to bargain is to be determined.

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