Cease and desist grievance filed

Your WSNA officers and Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive are in commu­ni­ca­tion regularly and as needed with HR and your leader­ship. The purpose is to address concerns and remedy issues in as close to real time as we can.

Please note – because this is a declared national disaster, hospitals have increased ability to make decisions. We need to be in this together. We need to keep each other safe and care for the people who desper­ately need us.

As such, we worked with the union coalition to get the MOU signed in regards to float premiums and paid leave for quarantines. It turns out that this MOU is not airtight and some RNs are not being paid for floating. We have filed a grievance on behalf of all affected nurses to get us the float premiums we deserve when caring for COVID patients. Many of you have completed ADOs in regards to this. Keep it up. If you have not already done so, do it now and keep track of your float hours. The online ADO form is available at wsna.org/union/ADO.

In addition, complete ADOs for all unsafe working conditions. There is an active open investigation for health and safety concerns at Tacoma General with the L&I. Your ADOs are great documentation to add to the case.

N95s – WSNA has filed a cease and desist letter to MultiCare for their policy of using droplet precautions for nasopharyngeal swab specimen collection of suspected COVID patients. The CDC guidelines state that airborne precautions are ordered for this.

Mask sterilization and reuse – WSNA has filed an information request to learn more about this practice to help determine if it is safe and effective. In the meantime, you need to make your own decisions for your own health and safety.

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive update coming later this week.

Questions? Contact any officer or WSNA Nurse Rep Sydne James, sjames@wsna.org.

In solidarity,
your WSNA officers
Danielle O'Toole - Chair - Neuro ICU
CJ Johnston - Co-Chair - Emergency
Liz Leske - Secretary - Baker Day Surgery
Charlene Sole - Treasurer - Emergency
Mallory Gregoire - Grievance Officer - 6 Rainier
Ken Richardson - Grievance Officer - Resource
Gena Houghton - Grievance Officer - 7 Olympic
Michelle Stevenson - Grievance Officer - PCU
Brenda Bowhay - Grievance Officer - Mother/Baby
Cherie Griffith - Grivance Officer - Med/Surg