Contract negotiation update

Hitting the gym

Wednesday, Nov. 20 was our 8th contract bargaining session. We gave them a comprehensive proposal showing substantial movement. They did not reciprocate. We are incredibly disappointed with their response to our package proposal.

We want to work together on this contract and are moving closer to the middle to get a deal. They are barely moving, and where we are now is not a contract we would recommend to you for a ‘yes’ vote.

Our next bargaining session is Dec. 6. It is time for you to get involved.

Ally Bure, OR; Charlene Sole, ER; Brenda Bowhay, Mother Baby; Cherie Griffith, Med/Surg; Michelle Stevenson, PCU; Danielle O’Toole, ICU; Liz Leske, Peri-Anesthesia; CJ Johnston, ER; Kayla Dougherty, NICU; Jess Oyler, OR

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Sydne James at sjames@wsna.org.