Get ready!

Yesterday, we kicked off bargaining with management. Our bargaining team consists of 12 nurses from throughout the Hospital along with our WSNA Nurse Representative, Brenda Balogh, and our WSNA attorney-negotiator. If you haven’t yet, you’ll soon meet our WSNA Organizer, Crystal Doll.

We brought proposals for improving preceptor language, restructuring floating rotation, and clarifying charge nurse language. Management has proposed implementing self-scheduling within the facility.

We are constructing our proposals to address the critical nursing shortage at TG. The Hospital needs to take dramatic steps to recruit new nurses and retain those of us who have been here throughout the pandemic. We have heard several of you say that you’re waiting to see what happens with this contract before you decide whether your future continues to include TG.

The double-digit raises last year at Auburn, Mary Bridge, and St. Joe’s far surpassed what TG has been paying, even with the 5% bump. With the addition of the historic raises at Seattle Children’s, UW, and Swedish, TG’s pay rates are significantly behind what other nurses in the area are being paid. Especially given MultiCare’s ambitious plans for growth and expansion, now is the time for the Hospital to take recruitment and retention seriously.

Our contract will be a direct reflection of the solidarity we demonstrate from the floor. This takes every one of us working together, standing up and standing together and we need your help! To learn about the different ways that you personally can support the bargaining team and fight for the best contract possible, text or email our WSNA Organizer Crystal Doll at (206) 334-8388 or Cdoll@wsna.org.

Our next bargaining session is October 26.

In solidarity,
Danielle O’ Toole, Local Unit Chair, Resource
Liz Leske, Secretary, PACU
Michelle Stevenson, Grievance Officer, Med Surg
Matt Dustin, NT ICU
Mallory Gregoire, Med Onc
Liana Delacorte, ED
Cherrie Griffith, Grievance Officer, Med Surg
Jess Oyler, OR
Cameron Warriner, NICU
Brenda Bowhay, Grievance Officer, FBC
Colin Bishop, PULSE

If you have additional questions, please contact your nurse rep, Brenda Balogh at bbalogh@wsna.org.

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