Jan. 4 Information picket cancelled - WE HAVE A TA!

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Quick update:

After many hours of hard work, we reached a tentative agreement on our new contract. It is not official until it is voted on by YOU but we are recommending a “Yes” vote. More details to come.

Vote day on Jan. 12, 2023 - times and location TBD.

In solidarity,

Your bargaining team:
Danielle O’ Toole, Local Unit Chair, Resource
Liz Leske, Secretary, PACU
Michelle Stevenson, Grievance Officer, Med Surg
Matt Dustin, NT ICU
Mallory Gregoire, Med Onc
Liana Delacorte, ED
Cherrie Griffith, Grievance Officer, Med Surg
Jess Oyler, OR
Cameron Warriner, NICU
Brenda Bowhay, Grievance Officer, FBC
Colin Bishop, PULSE
Morgan Van Fleet, PULSE

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Brenda Balogh at bbalogh@wsna.org.