Proposed Wage Increase and Early Bargaining

Hello UWMC RNs,

WSNA has been in discussions with UWMC management regarding their request to bargain earlier than our traditional schedule of Spring 2023. This bargaining would be for the contract term of July 1, 2023- June 30, 2025. Your team of registered nurse leaders concluded, after meeting with UWMC leadership, that early bargaining would be a favorable strategy for securing additional wage increases, continuing to strive for equity in pay and benefits, and creating stability and predictability for the next couple of years.

Because we know you gave so much energy to care for our community during the pandemic, oftentimes working to exhaustion and leaving little for your families when they needed you the most, WSNA has requested that your employer implement an immediate and meaningful wage increase for all RNs. The proposed wage increase would provide a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining RNs, and subsequently help improve staffing.

Please stay on the lookout for and complete the survey that will be emailed very soon. Results from the survey will help us set the priorities for what is most important to the RNs. This is your chance to have your voice heard at the bargaining table.

Are you ready to be more engaged? Get a little out of your comfort zone and be a part of the change that you desire. Advocating for your co-workers is empowering and rewarding. It is critical that all UWMC RNs are well informed during bargaining and being a Unit Representative is a valued role. Contact WSNA Nurse Organizer, Will Nesper at wnesper@wsna.org, 206-713-2443.

In solidarity,
Liz Tassani -NW Chair
Josef Mansour – NW Vice-Chair
Tiffany Guyette – NW Grievance Officer
Grace Jones – NW Grievance Officer
Chris Jakubowski – Montlake Chair
Teresa Wren – Montlake Co-chair
Doug Harper – Montlake Treasurer
Jan Bower – Montlake Grievance Officer
Charles James – Montlake Grievance Officer