Your WSNA team of registered nurses has reached a tentative agreement regarding 7N closure and associated layoffs for RNs #

Into the evening of Monday June 22, we were able to reach a tenta­tive agree­ment with the employer regarding the impact of layoffs on affected RNs.

A full agree­ment has been posted at WSNA​.org.

Some of our accom­plish­ments include the following:

  • Affected RNs will retain the option to accept a layoff. The employer will not make any effort to contest unemploy­ment if sought by the affected RN
  • An RN may also accept an avail­able RN position within the clinical cluster. (A list of these should be sent out this eve titled Prefer­ence Form” to your work email by the employer so be on the lookout). All options will be assigned using seniority as the deter­mining factor.
  • All Prefer­ence Forms must be submitted to Charity by 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 25.
  • The option list was expanded to include 4 avail­able RN positions at NW Geropsych unit.
  • RNs may elect to explore avail­able RN positions house wide but must contact the manager and have mutual agree­ment between RN and manager to be consid­ered. This is to be done via email. This list of avail­able house wide inpatient and outpa­tient positions will be emailed to affected RNs by 9 a.m. on Tuesday, June 23 for your review.
  • RNs choosing a position within UWMC Montlake or NW will maintain eligi­bility for previ­ously negoti­ated (in March of 2019) retention/​rollover lump sum payment as long as they are still employed as of November 1, 2020.
  • The employer agreed to make a good faith effort to offer Per Diem RNs at least one 8 hour shift in July in order to allow them to maintain benefits
  • Start date for newly selected positions to begin July 20 but may be modified with mutual agree­ment of RN and onboarding unit Manager.

Your team of regis­tered nurses is proud of these accom­plish­ments and has spent more than 5 sessions working with RNs in the unit to ensure your needs were being met. Most of the items noted above are above and beyond what the employer is oblig­ated to offer in accor­dance with our Collec­tive Bargaining Agree­ment. We worked hard to achieve these successes.

In Unity,

Your team of 7N RNs

Heather Vargas-Lyon RN 7N, Raechel Usher RN 7N, Caitlin Sellhorn RN 7N, Anita Stull RN 7N, Teresa Wren RN MIC and WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tives Ed Zercher RN and Brenda Balogh RN