Congrat­u­la­tions to your newly elected WSNA officers.

They are as follows:

WSNA Chair Chris Jakubowski RN Cardiac Proce­dures —

WSNA Co-Chair Teresa Wren RN MIC –

WSNA Treasurer Doug Harper RN NICU –

WSNA Secre­tary Alexandra Mariani RN 7NE —

WSNA Griev­ance officer Charles James RN PACU –

and Janet Bower RN OR –

These newly elected officers will serve a 3 year term and be active in all aspects of WSNA business and repre­sen­ta­tion of the more than 1800 RNs at UWMC Montlake.

Congrats to having a strongly repre­sented bargaining unit of RNs as our bargaining for our next contract is already underway.

Ed Zercher

WSNA Nurse Representative