Update on bargaining related to changes in Washington Administrative Codes impacting part time and Per Diem RN definitions and benefits

As a result of bargaining this with the employer over the last 4 months, your WSNA bargaining team of registered nurses has reached a tentative agreement with the employer that spells out the following changes in nomenclature and benefits.

Our team worked hard to achieve these tremendous benefits and ward off many potential takeaways.

Starting October 1, Per Diem RNs will now be titled “Intermittent RNs” at both Montlake and NW Hospitals and clinics.

We have also added the titles of Non-Permanent hourly and Non-Permanent Fixed duration to address truly temporary appointments that may arise.

Here are our gains:

  • Intermittent RNs will no longer have to work 350 hours per year to be covered by the WSNA Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • If an Intermittent RN moves into a classified role, they will be credited up to 3 months towards the traditional 6-month probationary period (it is currently a full 6 months)
  • Intermittent RNs will begin to accrue sick time pro-rated on hours worked in each pay period (this is currently limited by Seattle Safe and Sick leave accrual only)
  • Intermittent RNs will begin to accrue vacation time pro-rated on years of service just as classified employees, pro-rated on hours worked in each pay period (currently there is NO vacation accrued)
  • Intermittent RNs will receive holiday credit for each recognized holiday whether they work it or not pro-rated on hours worked in that pay period (currently there is no holiday credit accrual)
  • Intermittent RNs will receive a single personal holiday per year
  • Intermittent RNs will no longer have to wait one year or 1872 hours (whichever is longer) to move up a step on the wage scale. They will now be receiving a step increase annually based on their progression start date (this is a major improvement moving RNs up the wage scale quicker)
  • After Oct. 1, 2022, RNs hired into or transitioning into an intermittent role will no longer receive the 6% incentive premium (this only affects RNs hired into this role after Oct. 1 of this year)
  • All RNs currently working in a Per Diem role in addition to any RN who moves into an Intermittent role or has a commitment in writing by their manager to move them into an Intermittent role by Oct. 1, 2022, will continue to receive the 6% premium for the duration of their employment as an Intermittent RN or until they transition into a different role (this is what is often referred to as a “grandfather clause”)

As you can see, nothing has been sacrificed for RNs currently working in the Per Diem Role. There were only gains achieved.

RNs wishing to move into an Intermittent role must do so or have a commitment in writing from their manager by Oct. 1 in order to receive the 6% premium for the duration of their employment in that role.

Keep in mind that not every unit will have available Intermittent positions.

These amazing benefits for RNs are like nothing we have seen in Washington state allowing Intermittent RNs to receive health benefits, retirement benefits, vacation, sick and holiday benefits.

We essentially made it through this bargaining without a single takeaway (other than the removal of the 6% premium for any Intermittent RN hired after Oct. 1).

Together we win!

For questions, please contact your respective WSNA Nurse Representative

UWMC NW Stephenie Troftgruben stroftgruben@wsna.org
UWMC ML Ed Zercher ezercher@wsna.org