2nd Contract Negotiations Update

On July 22, your coalition negotiation team met with management for the 2nd time. During this session we received a “What if” proposal from management that reflected the poor financial status of the state. We are working on a response which we will present at our next session August 6.

Please wear any WSNA materials (buttons, badge holders, stickers, etc.) to show your support for a fair contract!


Online Staffing Complaint form – Use it!

Completing the form serves many purposes, including data tracking, bringing issues to light, supportive documen­ta­tion, and a discus­sion tool to make things better. It is not punitive.
This form is to be completed for issues including but not limited to:

  • Staffing concerns
  • Missed breaks or earned time denied
  • In the event of equip­ment issues or system failure

If you have reason to complete this form, you first should speak with your manager or charge nurse for that shift in order to try to resolve the concern as quickly as possible. When you complete the online form, you are encour­aged to include your manager’s name and email.
After you complete the form a copy of the submitted form immedi­ately goes to you, the WSNA chair, WSNA Rep, and your manager (provided you have entered their email). The Labor/management committee will review the complaint at their next meeting.
Find the staffing complaint form at wsna​.org/ado.


If you work at the Washington Soldiers Home please contact Travis Elmore, WSNA Nurse Representative at 1 800 231-8482 ext. 3117 or telmore@wsna.org if you have questions or comments.

If you work at the Spokane Veterans Home or the Walla Veterans Home, please contact Debi Bessmer, WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive at dbessmer@wsna.org or 1-800-231‑8482 ext. 3112