Contract Negotiations 2023-2025

Negotiations for your 2023-2025 coalition contract are underway. We met with management on June 6, June 22, July 12, July 26 and August 2 and have offered proposals based on your priorities. We continue to elevate your voices and advocate for the wages and working conditions that you and the veterans you serve deserve. Upcoming sessions will be August 15, September 7, and September 13, held virtually via Zoom.

Coalition bargaining is the process of working with other unions to bargain with the state in order to secure the protections and wages state employees deserve for their dedication to the populations we serve. In partnership with AIAJ, AWP, FOP, IAFF, IBEW, MM&P, Teamsters 174, UA, UPW, WAFHP, WSPTA, and WSPSTA ,your unions collaborate for the entirety of the negotiation process to build one strong voice for all members we represent.

WSNA has emphasized the need to retain and recruit nurses through competitive wages; has emphasized the rapidly rising cost of living; and is asking for increases in weekend and shift differentials. We asked for annual pay increases of 10% and 10%. At this time, OFM (Office of Financial Management) has only made one wage counter proposal of 3% and 2%. We have taken to the table to remind OFM you took no pay raises and stood by your residents as the COVID pandemic swept our state, you’ve struggled with inflation and the rising cost every good and service and stayed with the DVA when other institutions have been competitive with wages and incentives. We stand committed in our resolve to secure fair wages that help to offset the rising cost and recognize our members for the sacrifices made in order to serve Washington veterans. Negotiations will continue.

We have also proposed increases to shift differentials, extra shift incentives, and preceptor pay with defined onboarding and orientation processes for new graduates and experienced nurses entering the agency where you have a voice in the design and implementation of training.

We have not received a response on proposals yet as OFM presents all financial proposals to the state for approval. When we receive responses on our proposals we will notify members via email, so make sure wsna.org is on your safe sender list in your email or check spam/junk mail frequently to ensure you are always in the know.

We have reached a TA (tentative agreement) regarding vacation language that will allow for a more fair and equitable distribution of holiday requests.

We have also heard from you regarding the COVID mandate and how the state granted or denied accommodation requests and all unions have unilaterally rejected language as presented by the state that would contractually bind our members to COVID boosters based on blanket CDC recommendations only.

We believe you deserve to be honored for the work you have performed and continue to advocate for you, however, it will take every voice to secure a fair contract. We will continue to update you as negotiations continue.

Questions? Contact your WSNA Nurse Representative:

Walla Walla Veterans Home
Laurie Robinson RN
Nurse Representative

Spokane Veterans Home
Shawn Mork (Reed), RN, SANE
Nurse Representative

WA Veterans Home and WA Soldiers Home
Janet Stewart, RN, BSN
Nurse Representative