Is your staffing adequate?

Your WSNA staff nurse representatives from the Staffing Committee at Whidbey Health would like to reach out and ask for your input on the 2024 staffing plan. Per law the hospital must have staffing plans in place for each unit. These plans are discussed and agreed upon by nurses and management annually in Staffing Committee. We are beginning the process of the annual review. We would like to hear from you if you think your unit’s staffing plan is adequate or is in need of adjustment.

We would also like to remind you that each unit needs to be represented by one of their nurses at the Staffing Committee. The current nursing members of the staffing committee are Luka Cobb (Hospice), Steven Caporgno (ED), Gwen Parrick (Pharmacy RN), Helen Paraiso (Med Surge), Ellen Giles (ICU), and Laura Black (also Med Surge). If you do not see a representative from your unit and would like to be a part of these discussions please let one of your WSNA officers or nurse rep know and we will be sure to add you. Your manager must provide release time to attend and this is a paid committee. 

Your WSNA officers – Luka Cobb, Gwen Parrick, Laura Black 
WSNA Nurse Rep Sara Frey, sfrey@wsna.org.