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Feature story

Our strength comes from each other

During this year’s Washington State Nurses Convention, we hope nurses across Washington state will feel connected to and supported by others who have also felt the heavy weight of the pandemic on their shoulders.

Feature story

Biennial Report of Achievements

In 2019, the WSNA Board of Directors approved seven strategic priorities to focus the work of the association on areas of greatest importance to registered nurses and the organization. Within those priorities, WSNA staff developed specific goals and action steps and reported back to the Board on a regular basis.

Kyla Arama delivers live-saving care in West Africa

As a volunteer for the nonprofit organization The Bridge of Hope, Kyla Arama has helped create a self-sustainable medical system in Sierra Leone, a developing country on the southwest coast of West Africa.

Pearls for Practice: Accepting constructive criticism

The mention of the word “criticism” can instantly bring up feelings of dread, failure and defensiveness. However, criticism can be an important opportunity for growth, self-reflection and self-awareness for the professional nurse.

Letter from Lynnette Vehrs, WSNA President

I attended my first WSNA convention in Seattle in 1981. At the time, I was working in Tacoma in an inpatient psychiatric unit — my first job out of nursing school. I heard about the convention because my facility was represented by WSNA for collective bargaining. It was from that gathering that I knew I wanted to be a part of this…