Election rules

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The WSNA nomination and election process will be conducted in accordance with the Washington State Nurses Association Bylaws.

Term of Office

The term of office for WSNA elected positions shall be two years and begin on declaration of election. The terms of office for ANA Representatives/Alternates shall begin according to the ANA Bylaws, and the term of office for AFT Delegates/Alternates shall be in accordance with the constitution and bylaws of the AFT.

Eligibility to Hold Office

As provided in the WSNA Bylaws, to be eligible as an officer or director, a person shall hold current membership in WSNA. A person shall not concurrently serve as an officer, director and/or staff member of another organization if such participation might result in a conflict of interest with WSNA. WSNA members who are employees of WSNA or a WSNA constituent association are eligible to be candidates for ANA elected offices but are excluded from serving in WSNA and WSNA constituent association elected offices. To be eligible for election to the Staff Nurse positions on the WSNA Board of Directors, a WSNA member must meet the definition of Staff Nurse and be represented for collective bargaining by WSNA throughout the term of office.

To be eligible as a representative/alternate to the ANA Membership Assembly, a person shall be a WSNA and ANA member.

To be eligible as a delegate/alternate to the AFT Convention, a person shall be a member of WSNA in bargaining unit represented by WSNA.

Nomination and Election Notice

Members shall be notified through a WSNA official publication at least six (6) months prior to an election, of their right to nominate candidates or be a self-declared candidate for office.

Notice of election shall be mailed to members at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date when ballots must be returned in order to be counted.


Members shall be notified through a WSNA official publication at least six (6) months prior to an election, of their right to nominate candidates or be a self-declared candidate for office.

A slate of candidates prepared by the WSNA Nominations/Search Committee and the Economic & General Welfare Nominating/Search Committee shall sent to each WSNA constituent association and local unit at least ninety (90) days prior to the meeting of the General Assembly.

Members may be nominated for office or declare their own candidacy by submitting their name and consent to serve to the WSNA secretary no later than sixty (60) days prior to the first meeting of the General Assembly.

The names of such candidates nominated 60 days or more prior to the first meeting of the General Assembly shall be published in an official WSNA publication. Further nominations and consents to serve may be submitted until the first day of the General Assembly; candidates may also be nominated from the floor of the General Assembly. All candidates who have been nominated and submitted a consent to serve by close of business on the first day of the General Assembly shall appear on the election ballot. Write-in candidates shall also be allowed.

Nomination Acceptances

A candidate may accept a nomination for office (including self-nominations)by completing a WSNA consent-to-serve form.

Candidate Eligibility Determinations

WSNA dues records will be reviewed to determine the eligibility of all nominees. Eligible nominees will be notified of their eligibility. Ineligible nominees will be advised of the reason(s) they are not eligible to run for office.

Inspection of the Membership List

Each candidate may inspect (not copy) the WSNA membership list once within 30 days prior to the election. No candidate is entitled to receive a copy of the list.

The membership list will be available for inspection by appointment at the WSNA office during normal business hours. Any candidate who wishes to inspect the list should contact the WSNA Office to schedule a time to inspect the list.

Distribution of Campaign Literature

WSNA will honor any reasonable request by a candidate to distribute campaign literature to members at the candidate’s expense. Reasonable shall be defined as no less than 5 business days. Requests will be honored in the order received. Campaign literature must be provided to the Executive Director in sealed, stamped envelopes which are ready for mailing. Each candidate should check with postal officials to determine the proper postage.

Candidates must pay WSNA in advance $.05 per mailing piece to cover the cost of address labels as well as any third-party vendor costs required to attach address labels and deliver campaign literature for mailing. If WSNA staff is used to attach address labels and deliver campaign literature for mailing, candidates will be required to reimburse WSNA in advance for staff time at the staff members’ hourly rate of pay. Candidates should contact the WSNA Office to arrange a mailing.

WSNA will honor any reasonable request by a candidate to distribute campaign literature to members by e-mail. Such campaign literature must be sent in pdf file format via e-mail to candidates@wsna.org.

WSNA shall forward the campaign literature to members within 5 business days of submission.

Candidates may distribute campaign materials at the WSNA Convention, however no campaigning, including the distribution of materials will take place on the convention floor while the convention is conducting business.

Campaign Restrictions

Federal law prohibits the use of any union or employer funds to promote the candidacy of any person in a union officer election. This prohibition applies to cash, facilities, equipment, email, vehicles, office supplies, etc., of WSNA and any other union, and of employers whether or not they employ WSNA members. Union officers and employees may not campaign on time paid for by the union. This rule shall apply to all elected positions.

These restrictions apply to all candidates for any WSNA office, whether or not the candidate is represented for collective bargaining or whether or not the WSNA office is directly related to collective bargaining.

Federal law also provides that candidates must be treated equally regarding the opportunity to campaign and that all members may support the candidates of their choice without being subject to penalty, discipline, or reprisal of any kind.

Voter Eligibility

Any member whose application for membership has been received and is current in the payment of dues through April 30, 2023, will be eligible to vote in this election.

Election Notice

A notice of election will be mailed to the last known home address of each WSNA member on or before May 24, 2023.


Candidates are entitled to have observers present at the tally of ballots and may serve as their own observer. Observers must be members of WSNA. Candidates must submit the names of their observers in writing to the Executive Director no later than May 22, 2023.


The election will be open at 8:00 am PT on May 26, 2023, and close at 5:00 pm PT on June 26, 2023.

Tally of Ballots

Ballots will be tabulated beginning at approximately 9:00 am PT on June 27, 2023.

For all offices except ANA representative/alternate and AFT delegate/alternate, a plurality vote shall constitute an election. In the case of a tie, the choice shall be decided by lot.

Election Results

Results of the election shall be declared on the date the votes are counted and shall be announced in the next official WSNA publication following the election.

Election Records

WSNA is responsible for maintaining all nomination and election records for at least one year after the election.

Questions or Problems

Candidates and members with questions about the nomination or election procedures should contact the Executive Director. Any violation of these rules should be reported promptly to the Executive Director so that corrective action can be taken, if necessary.


Any member wanting to challenge the election may do so by filing a written protest with the WSNA Board of Directors within thirty (30) days after the official announcement of the election. The Board will then appoint a committee to consider the protest. The protesting party will state in writing and with specificity the reason(s) for the protest and provide all relevant facts and materials for that committee to render a decision.

The above rules are not all inclusive. Additional election rules or clarifications may be issued by WSNA as needed during the nomination and election period.

Issued By: WSNA Executive Committee May 13, 2023