Last week, the Govern­ment Account­ability Office (GAO) released a report on workplace violence, Additional Efforts Needed to Protect Health­care Workers from Workplace Violence (GAO-16 – 11). The report, requested by Senator Patty Murray and the House of Repre­sen­ta­tives’ Committee on Educa­tion and Workforce Democ­rats, documents the high rate of workplace violence at health­care facil­i­ties, partic­u­larly at psychi­atric facil­i­ties. Addition­ally, the severity of such incidents are on the rise. The report also makes recom­men­da­tions about workplace violence preven­tion programs that can prevent or mitigate the injuries due to workplace violence.

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Senator Patty Murray’s office sent out the following release:

Sen. Murray Unveils New Report on Workplace Violence Against Health Care Workers
In the last year, report finds that 30% of workers in hospi­tals reported being physi­cally assaulted; 70% of workers in psychi­atric settings also experi­enced violence

Murray: Violence should never be part of any job description.”

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D‑WA) unveiled the findings of a new report by the Govern­ment Account­ability Office (GAO) on actions needed to reduce and mitigate the incidence of workplace violence in health care facil­i­ties. Although health care facil­i­ties are perceived as a place to get well, many who are employed in these facil­i­ties face elevated risk of injury from violence — mostly origi­nating from patients.

No worker should ever have to fear facing violence on the job,” said Senator Patty Murray. Unfor­tu­nately, as this report makes clear, for far too many health care workers in my home state of Washington and across the country, workplace violence and injuries are a real and growing threat. This is unaccept­able. These profes­sionals do vital work in hospi­tals and other health settings to care for our loved ones, our neigh­bors, and our commu­ni­ties. I’m going to be working hard with my colleagues and stake­holders to help create a strong, national standard that protects our workers once and for all.”

Federal injury data shows that the rate of workplace violence at health care facil­i­ties is high and the severity is inten­si­fying; at some psychi­atric facil­i­ties the rates of violence are extreme; and many injuries can be prevented or mitigated through workplace violence preven­tion programs. GAO conducted this study over the course of nearly two years, inter­viewed health care workers in five states, and evalu­ated OSHA’s efforts to protect health care workers from workplace violence.