American Academy of Nursing releases position statement on nurse fatigue

The American Academy of Nursing released a position state­ment on Jan. 11.2018 that recom­mends policies and practices that promote adequate, high quality sleep for nurses to contribute to safe nursing practice and patient care.

The state­ment, Reducing Fatigue Associ­ated with Sleep Deficiency and Work Hours in Nurses,” recog­nizes that safe nursing practice requires sleep that is high quality and of adequate duration. Because the U.S. health­care system requires critical nursing services around the clock, may nurses work overnight and have irreg­ular shifts. Long and irreg­ular shift hours, such as a 12-hour work day, disrupts the body’s natural sleep cycle, and can affect the health of nurses, their ability to function in the delivery of patient care, and may lead to more medical errors, the Academy said. 

The Academy is pleased to publish this impor­tant state­ment on reducing fatigue in nurses,” said Academy Presi­dent, Karen Cox, PhD, RN, FACHE, FAAN, in a news release. Many health­care organi­za­tions may not fully under­stand the health risks for both nurses and their patients from a tired workforce.” 

Read the Academy’s full position state­ment.

Download a PDF of the state­ment below.