Kadlec nurses ratify contract

Nurses maintain paid time off benefits, win enhanced staffing and workplace violence language

By an overwhelming majority, the WSNA-repre­sented regis­tered nurses at Provi­dence Kadlec Regional Medical Center have ratified a new 3‑year contract.

Kadlec nurses negoti­ated for 14 months to reach this agree­ment, including six sessions with a federal mediator.

The new contract includes mainte­nance of paid time off and existing earned illness banks for all current nurses and total wage increases of 10% over the life of this contract, including an increase of 5.5% by January 1, 2020. The contract also includes enhanced staffing and workplace violence language to help keep nurses and patients safe.

Kadlec nurses were united in their call for a fair contract that protects nurses and patients; in late October they voted by an overwhelming majority to autho­rize a strike. The bargaining team recog­nizes the critical role played by commu­nity members and organi­za­tions, labor partners, and members of the Provi­dence United Coali­tion of union-repre­sented health care employees across the state.

The negoti­ating team wants to thank our fellow nurses, commu­nity supporters and every union-repre­sented health care worker at Provi­dence hospi­tals across the state,” said Martha Galvez, RN, chair of the WSNA local unit at Kadlec and a member of the bargaining team. Without the phenom­enal support Kadlec nurses received, we would not have had the power we needed to go up against Provi­dence and achieve a contract that supports great patient care.”