MEDIA RELEASE: Providence Kadlec nurses vote to authorize strike

RICHLAND, Wash – After two days of voting, Kadlec members of the Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion voted by an overwhelming majority to autho­rize a strike.

A vast majority of the more than 900 regis­tered nurses at Kadlec turned out for the vote. Nurses are sending a loud and clear message to Provi­dence that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get a fair contract, including going on strike.

When a strike is called, WSNA will give the legally required 10-days’ notice to Provi­dence Kadlec prior to the strike.

Nurses are fighting for safe staffing and working condi­tions that will allow them to give the very best care to their patients. Meanwhile, Provi­dence seeks to slash nurses’ earned benefits, even as its multi-state system is collecting record profits and giving extrav­a­gant raises to executives.

Kadlec nurses are standing up in the face of troubling and illegal unfair labor practices on Providence’s part, including inter­fering with workers’ right to concerted activity and failing to bargain in good faith.

With this vote, Kadlec nurses have proclaimed that they will continue the fight for safe working condi­tions and safe patient care so that they can give the Tri-Cities commu­nity the very best care.

WSNA is in the process of sched­uling another media­tion date. Provi­dence Kadlec has the oppor­tu­nity to avert a strike by coming back to the negoti­ating table prepared to engage in serious discus­sions about issues of concern to nurses and their patients in the Tri-Cities community.