WSNA statement on Governor’s Executive Order on vaping


The Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion applauds Governor Inslee’s Execu­tive Order to protect the health of the public following seven confirmed vaping-related illnesses in Washington state and 13 vaping-related deaths nationwide.

As nurses, we are bearing witness to the damaging and even deadly impact of vaping as these cases present in our state’s health care facil­i­ties. Today’s actions take aim at preventing illness and death, especially by banning flavored products that have been heavily targeted and consumed by youth.

Vaping products present a serious public health risk, and we commend the Governor for taking immediate action and a multi-pronged approach that includes consumer warnings, youth educa­tion, and the ability to immedi­ately ban the source or cause of vaping-related lung injuries as soon as it is identified.

WSNA is proud to stand with Governor Inslee, Secre­tary Wiesman, and other state leaders as we continue to work toward healthier, safer communities.