Unity commitment announced for patient care and safety by three unions at Providence

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After many months of taking action together, and also coordi­nating our unions and taking strike autho­riza­tion votes, our unions’ leader­ship feels that now is the time to take the next steps in our campaign. We recently made an unity commit­ment to heighten our level of coordi­na­tion and express our pledge to each other as we move ahead on our campaign for fair contracts. In a historic moment, UFCW 21, SEIU Health­care 1199NW and WSNA leader­ship have pledged to coordi­nate efforts that will move us all forward as health­care workers and achieve the critical advances needed at Provi­dence to provide better patient care and safety.

We are all negoti­ating with a massive employer that made $24 billion in revenue and has $11 billion in reserves. Provi­dence is a single employer whose actions of putting profits before patients threatens the care and safety of our patients, our commu­ni­ties and our members. We recog­nize that we can push back against Provi­dence most effec­tively when we work together as a team.

The essence of our unity commitment is:
If you take on one of us, you take on all of us.

Thousands upon thousands of our members, in counties spanning the state, work for this employer that is a regis­tered non-profit making billions in profit. Provi­dence has refused to address concerns over patient care and safety. They have continued to make proposals that would take away tens of millions of dollars of member benefits that have been earned over decades. They have failed to offer compen­sa­tion that would help recruit and retain high-quality staff in all our facilities.

Our members made their opinions clear in an unprece­dented show of unity when they voted to autho­rize strikes for patient care and safety throughout the state of Washington. Now, we as the leaders of our three unions have taken the unprece­dented step of entering into this unity commit­ment to guide and focus our coordi­nated efforts, so that we may more effec­tively negotiate with Provi­dence and ultimately reach new contracts that protect workers and patients alike.

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