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Can I still be a member of WSNA if I decide to not renew my license due to retirement? #

Yes, you can still be a member. The WSNA Bylaws’ defin­i­tion of a regular member includes one who has retired and/​or no longer chooses to practice, but whose license was in good standing with his/​her licensing board at the time the nurse made the decision not to maintain an active license.

What dues category will apply to me? #

WSNA has several dues options.

Non-Union Member­ship: Category E of our Non-Union Member­ship option is for those 62 years or older, not employed, or totally disabled. The dues amount includes the WSNA portion of the dues, and a 75% discount on ANA and district/​Region dues. This provides full WSNA, District/​Region, and ANA member­ship rights.

Organi­za­tional Affil­iate Member­ship: If you are a member of one of WSNA’s Organi­za­tional Affil­i­ates (School Nurses of Washington, ARNPs United, or Mary Mahoney Profes­sional Nurse Organi­za­tion), you do not need to pay individual member­ship dues to WSNA to remain connected to the Associ­a­tion. This member­ship option allows affil­i­ated individ­uals to access several WSNA member-only events and provides discounts in accor­dance with the affil­i­ated organization’s written agree­ment with WSNA.

Please note that organi­za­tional affil­iate members do not have full WSNA member­ship rights. This means that you cannot run for WSNA office or vote in WSNA elections. You would also not enjoy member­ship in ANA or your District/​Region.

If you belong to an organi­za­tion that has an Organi­za­tional Affil­iate agree­ment with the WSNA and would like to partic­i­pate in Associ­a­tion elections or run for WSNA office, you can do so paying the WSNA-only member­ship fee. Paying this fee gives you full WSNA member­ship rights but does not include member­ship in a District/​Region or ANA.

Lifetime Member­ship is avail­able for nurses who have been a member of WSNA for 30 years, are 65 years of age or older, and who maintain their RN license. They have full WSNA member­ship rights, including ANA and District/​Region member­ship. No member­ship dues are required.

Honorary Member­ship is avail­able for those nurses who have been a member of WSNA for 30 years, are 65 or older, and no longer maintain an RN license. These members have no voting or ANA privi­leges. No member­ship dues are required.

What are my licensure options? #

Inactive status is ideal for nurses who will not be practicing in Washington state for an extended period of time. A practi­tioner may apply for an inactive creden­tial if he or she meets the following criteria:

  • Holds an active Washington state credential;
  • Is in good standing; and
  • Will not practice in Washington.

To obtain an inactive creden­tial, the practi­tioner must notify the Depart­ment of Health in writing of the intent to obtain an inactive creden­tial. The fee for the initial inactive creden­tial will be due on your next birthday when the active creden­tial expires. Portions of the current renewal fee will not be prorated or refunded for the remaining active renewal cycle. The inactive licen­sure fee is currently $65 per year.

Note: If your license has been in inactive status for less than three years, you may choose to return to active status by entering into a compli­ance agree­ment of 177 practice hours and 15 contin­uing educa­tion hours within the first year of returning to active status. A manda­tory audit will be performed after the first year back in active status in order to verify all require­ments of the agree­ment were met. Failure to meet the require­ments may result in having to complete a Commis­sion-approved refresher program. The Nursing Commis­sion is evalu­ating the contin­uing compe­tency require­ments. The current require­ments may change.

If your license has been in inactive creden­tial for more than three years and you have not been in active practice in another United States juris­dic­tion but wish to return to active status, you must success­fully complete a Nursing Commis­sion approved refresher course. The nurse will be issued a Limited Educa­tional Autho­riza­tion (LEA) license to enroll in the refresher course. The LEA is valid only while working under the direct super­vi­sion of a preceptor and is not valid for employ­ment as a licensed practical or regis­tered nurse. If you were actively practicing in another state during the time your Washington license was placed in inactive status, you may be eligible to reacti­vate without having to complete a refresher course.

Retired active status is ideal for nurses who are no longer employed full time but wish to continue volun­teering nursing service to their commu­nity or want to work a limited number of days in a calendar year. As a nurse, you must be in good standing with the Nursing Commis­sion and hold a current active license with Washington state. The retired active licen­sure fee is currently $65/​year.

Once in retired active status you are respon­sible for completing 45 hours of contin­uing nursing educa­tion and at least 96 practice hours over a three-year period. Paid or volun­teer nursing hours count toward the required practice hours. A regis­tered nurse who holds a retired active creden­tial may only practice in inter­mit­tent or emergent circum­stances. Inter­mit­tent means the regis­tered or licensed practical nurse will practice no more than ninety days a year. Emergent means the regis­tered or licensed practical nurse will practice only in emergency circum­stances such as earth­quakes, floods, times of declared war or other states of emergency.

If I let my license expire, can I still call myself a Registered Nurse? #

Recently the Nursing Care Quality Assur­ance Commis­sion devel­oped rules stating that a Regis­tered Nurse who retires in good standing may call themselves a Regis­tered Nurse – Retired. You cannot use the title Regis­tered Nurse unless you have an active, inactive or retired active status license and have paid the appro­priate fee.

For WSNA memer­ship questions:
Please call 206 – 575-7979

For nursing licen­sure questions:
Please contact the Nursing Commis­sion at 360 – 236-4703 or email nursing@doh.wa.gov.