Victory at Providence Sacred Heart

This content origi­nally appeared in the Spring/​Summer 2020 issue (PDF) of The Washington Nurse magazine. 

For two years, nurses at Sacred Heart in Spokane and Kadlec in Richland fought for fair contracts, joining 13,000 health care workers from several unions at Provi­dence hospi­tals across Washington state.

On Dec. 9, 2019, Kadlec nurses ratified a contract that preserved PTO accruals and caps for all current nurses, enhanced staffing and workplace violence language and included wage increases of 10% over the life of the contract plus a ratifi­ca­tion bonus.

On Jan. 16, 2020, Sacred Heart nurses ratified a contract that included no takeaways on Paid Time Off and Earned Illness Time, no changes to short-term disability, ratifi­ca­tion bonuses that captured full retro pay, wage increases of 10% for the duration of the contract and enforce­able language on staffing and workplace safety.

Coming weeks before the coron­avirus hit the U.S., our victory at Provi­dence showcased the power of nurses standing strong together and built a strong founda­tion to address the issues we now face and will face in the future.

The solidarity we built during these victo­ries is a reminder that together we are stronger.

Sacrd team 16x9

The negoti­ating team for the WSNA local unit at Sacred Heart Medical Center. Front row, left to right: LaDonna Reel RN Mother Baby, Stevie Lynne Krone 9N, Vicki Benson Radiology, Linda Clanton IV Therapy. Back row, left to right: David Emerson 7N, Clint Wallace ICU, Nonie Kingma AGPU, Darryl Johnson CICU, KT Raley Jones CICU.


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