One Strong Voice



One Strong Voice is the result of a five-year project by Barbara Frye to document the tumultuous “Raids” against WSNA in the 1980s and 1990s.

From the Introduction

"This project was conceived one day when Judy Huntington and I were talking, and we realized that the story of “The Raids” had never been memorialized in writing. The stories had been passed on orally, one nurse to another, through the years. “Telling the stories” is part of the culture of WSNA, and of nursing and women, and we realized that those of us who remember those times and who can tell the story of The Raids are getting older; memories are beginning to fade. It was startling to realize that younger nurses don’t know what “The Raids” refer to. We both felt it was important to document the events, the facts, feelings and observations, through the lens of those who experienced those events. This period was a defining time for WSNA, and the organization must to be able to look back in history and learn from our mistakes if we are not to repeat them."

About the author

A consummate nurse and union leader, who believed that nurses must represent nurses, Barbara served on the staff of the Washington State Nurses Association for 20 years, guiding us through the union raids that devastated our association and leading us toward a stronger future. In 2016, Barbara was inducted in the Washington State Nurses Hall of Fame in recognition of her demonstrated excellence, leadership, public service, nurse advocacy, heroism and lifelong contributions.

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Barbara E. Frye, BSN, RN

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