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Informational Meeting - Oct 22nd

You don’t want to miss this!

What’s it about?

  1. Local Unit Reps – Anyone who is or has been a Local Unit Rep – please attend. We have a number of RNs who have recently volunteered who will also be attending. We’ll discuss duties/responsibilities of the Reps.
  2. Negotiations - Information and Update – Your Negotiations team is ready to represent you! The first Negotiations session is Friday, October 21st.
  3. Membership – We have a lot of new members/new hires – please join us. If you are not a member come to the meeting to JOIN! We’ll talk about the concept of everyone paying their fair share.
  4. Discuss any Contractual issues you may be having – or ask questions about Contractual language/benefits/etc.
  5. Hors d'oeuvres and refreshments!

Saturday, October 22, 2016
3:00pm to 5:00pm
Correa C

If you have any questions or would like to RSVP, you can email any of your Local Unit Officers or WSNA Nurse Rep Terri Williams, MS, RN.

Jane Hill-Littlejohn, RN,; Martina Allen, RN,; Susan Dunn, RN,; Suzanne Baek, MSN, RN; Art Laycock, RN; Terri Williams, MS, RN;

Get out the vote - South

Get out the vote!

Get out the vote - East

Get out the vote!

Opportunity awaits

We are looking for RNs from all areas of VMMC that are interested in being a Local Unit Representative for their unit.With negotiations coming up this month, this is a good time to recruit at least one or two persons per shift, per floor to take on this role.

The Role of the Local Unit Representative

You are the face of WSNA on your unit.

  • You may be the first on your unit to welcome a new nurse on behalf of WSNA.
  • You may be asked to help WSNA staff understand certain aspects about your work environment to assist in the resolution of a grievance or other issue.

You are a major source of two-way communication and a resource for your peers.

  1. When you receive a “Print & Post Request”, you would then print out the flyer and post it on your WSNA bulletin board on your unit. After that, spread the word that there is new info on the board for people to be aware of.
  2. You may be asked by one of your co-workers about a contract issue. You do not have to have the answer. Your role would be to refer them first to the Contract, then to your Officers, then to your WSNA Nurse Representative.
  3. You may be asked to update your unit contact list with email and phone contact information for your RN colleagues.
  4. You are the eyes and ears for WSNA on your unit. Your Officers and committee members may not work on your unit. You can help your Local Unit by letting your elected leadership and WSNA staff know when you think something may be wrong. You don’t have to have a solution, just trust your instincts when you think something isn’t right and make the call to let someone else know
  5. Encouraging WSNA involvement is also an important part of your role. Whether it’s asking people to complete a survey, come to a meeting, make a few calls, join a committee, or run for office, there is a place for everyone to participate in their local unit regardless of their schedule limitations. Many hands make light work.
  6. You will often be one of the first people to receive email notices, postcards, phone calls, and other communications from WSNA. It is important for you to share the news! Come negotiations time, this is all the more important as communications are time sensitive and often involve requesting input from staff nurses to WSNA.

Basically, a Unit Rep helps make things work!

If you’re interested in becoming a Local Unit Rep or have questions, contact Jane Hill-Littlejohn, RN (Local Unit Chair) at or Terri Williams, MS, RN, WSNA Nurse Rep at

Your contract negotiation survey is now online!

2016 Negotiations Survey

The current contract between WSNA and your Local Unit expires November 15, 2016. This survey is our first step in preparation for contract negotiations. Your input is critical to determining our priorities as we head to the bargaining table. It is vital that we know your current issues and concerns prior to the start of negotiations.

Take a moment to complete this survey now. The power of representation comes from the willingness of Registered Nurses to unite; our strength is in unity! Remember in order for our negotiating team to be an effective, strong, influential voice for you at the table, we need your engagement and involvement.

Please provide us with your current contact information. WSNA and your negotiating team members do not share this information with anyone. It is only collected so that we may contact you if we have questions and so we may share important information with you regarding current negotiations and issues.

Please have all surveys completed by the 31st of July so your voice will be heard! Your input is valuable!
There is no strength without Unity! We Are One!

Questions? Email Terri Williams, MS, RN;

Voluntary Severance Package (VSP) Update……

Thanks to all of the Registered Nurses who have been contacting WSNA regarding the meetings you have been attending with Management. Without the phone calls, emails and itemized notes from these meetings, WSNA would not have been well-informed.

The Employer did not notify WSNA in advance of this Voluntary Severance Package – we were only informed within the last few days. Your Local Unit Officers, WSNA Nurse Rep and a WSNA Attorney met with (3) members of Administration and their Attorney on Thursday, October 8, 2015. The Voluntary Severance Package was presented to our team at that time.

We were informed that this package was designed for all VMMC employees and has been presented to most of them. We raised concerns about some aspects of the plan as they would apply to WSNA bargaining unit nurses, and were able to convince VMMC to extend the deadline for WSNA nurses because of the delayed notice. The deadline has been extended from October 19th to 5:00 p.m. on October 22nd.

We also convinced VMMC to use seniority as defined and used in the WSNA collective bargaining agreement, rather than years of service, as the priority factor in determining who will receive the VSP (after applying). Total years of VMMC service will be used in the calculation of severance pay.
After careful consideration, WSNA agrees that VMMC nurses should be eligible to participate in the VSP. We believe it may be a suitable option for some nurses – especially those who may be close to retirement or those who would rather not work at VMMC any longer, for whatever reason.

WSNA requested an extension of the deadline for the application for the VSP. VM agreed to extend the deadline from October 19th to 5:00 p.m. on October 22nd. Seniority will be the priority factor in determining who will receive the VSP (after applying) and they will use total years of VMMC service in the calculation of severance pay.

The layoff process for the anticipated layoff has not been discussed with WSNA to date. WSNA is committed to keeping you informed with any updates!

For individual questions, comments or information to share, please contact: Terri Williams, MS, RN; WSNA Nurse Representative; or one of the Local Unit Officers.

In Solidarity!

Your Local Unit Officers:

Jane C. Hill-Littlejohn, Chair,
Art J. Laycock, RN, Vice Chair,
Susan L. Dunn, RN, Grievance Officer,
Brittney M. Porter, RN, Grievance Officer,
Suzanne I. Baek, RN MSN CNOR, Grievance Officer,
Patricia L Callow-Borgeson, RN, Secretary

Do You Work in an Area That Closes on Holidays?

If so, when a holiday falls on a RN’s normally scheduled work day, the RN can decide to use the following Kronos codes for this time:
LC Paid (D, E, N)
Low Census (Unpaid)

Since we have had two holidays recently, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, WSNA has been advised by a number of RNs that their pay codes were changed to Approved Personal Leave (APL). Because APL does not accrue benefitted hours, your Local Unit Officers and WSNA have been working with HR regarding this issue. HR has agreed to have these annual hours reinstated!

If you work in an area that closes on Holidays, check your pay codes to be sure they are correct or have been corrected.

For Rehab Unit Registered Nurses:

Do you have questions/concerns about the upcoming closure of the Rehab Unit in September? Your WSNA Local Unit Officers and WSNA Nurse Representative will be on hand to answer your questions.

When: Friday, July 31, 2015
Time: 0730 to 0830 - and - 1400 to 1630
Where: HR Building, Room 131

Nurse Representative Change

After more than 6 years of representing the wonderful WSNA nursing staff at VMMC, I am transitioning to another Seattle area medical center. Terri Williams will be assuming the role of your Nurse Representative. Terri has previously been with WSNA for 3 years as a Nurse Representative. I’d like to extend a big thank you to your officers, unit reps and committee members for their hard work in helping me to represent you at your facility. I know that together with Terri, they will continue to do a great job representing you. As always, WSNA is your resource for any questions related to your contract as well as any topic covered under wages, hours and working conditions.

Sincerely, Ed Zercher (206) 575-7979 ext. 3022

Contact information for Terri Williams (206) 575-7979, Ext. 3058

The Vote Has Passed!

The MOA regarding Jones 5 expansion and acceptance of VMMC Seniority as BU Seniority has passed by a majority vote

The March 23rd vote, by those voting members able to make it, passed the MOA by a majority vote.

Congratulations to all of these RNs from GI, IR and Cath Lab that have transitioned into WSNA Bargaining Unit Roles.
We look forward to your support and engagement within WSNA.

This Memorandum of Agreement can be found here.

For any questions about this MOA, please contact WSNA Nurse Representative Ed Zercher at 206-575-7979, ext. 3022.

This election, support the candidates who support you

Please consider making a donation to the WSNA-PAC.

Founded in 1908, WSNA is the professional organization representing more than 17,000 registered nurses in Washington State. WSNA effectively advocates for the improvement of health standards and availability of quality health care for all people; promotes high standards for the nursing profession; and advances the professional and economic development of nurses.

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