Uniform update #

We heard that you have not been able to order your uniforms. We pushed Virginia Mason to uphold the contract.

  • The vendor is able to load the 2021 allot­ments on March 15 and update their webpage, and email the contract nurses who have an 2021 allot­ment available.
  • Those contract nurses who have not ordered their 2020 allot­ment will get a separate additional 2021 allot­ment. It must be placed in two separate orders.
  • The program for the contract nurses will revert back to calendar year. Expira­tion date for placing their 2020 and 2021 orders will Dec. 31, 2021.
  • The nurses cannot split their order over the year. They must place one order for their annual allotment. 
  • The nurses allot­ment is by pieces not dollar amount and is based on hired FTE. 
  • The vendor webpage will still show dollar amounts (as they always have) but there will be instruc­tions to disre­gard the dollar amount shown and select the number of pieces allotted.

PPE committee update #

  • Virginia Mason recently changed to have all AGP with a closed door and N95 will be required. 
  • Double masking is ok to do but is not required
  • Make sure to look at the What To Wear (hospital, surgical & proce­dure area, or ambula­tory) this has what PPE you should wear, this should be updated weekly.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out. 

In Solidarity,

WSNA Local Unit Officers; Jane Hill Little-John, RN, Kari Benning, RN, Arlene Alba, RN, Suzanne Baek, RN, Susan Dunn, RN, and Jamie Williams

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Michelle Moore, BSN, RN, IBCLC, WSNA Nurse Rep mmoore@wsna.org 206 – 575‑7979, Ext.3019 (office)