Tempo­rary Weekend Incentive 

The nurses contin­uing to voice concerns about staffing is helping. Continue to submit the ADO/PSA in regards to staffing. This has helped Virginia Mason to offer this tempo­rary weekend incen­tive to help to bring in more staffing. This incen­tive would be used only when needed to avoid diverts or avoid canceling proce­dures. This incen­tive would not be offered every weekend or on every unit.

COVID vacci­na­tion bargaining update

Yesterday we met with Virginia Mason briefly. WSNA presented another proposal to them. We are waiting for Virginia Mason to respond. As stated in earlier commu­ni­ca­tion this week, if you have not completed the COVID-19 Vacci­na­tion Survey, do this ASAP, even if you are fully vacci­nated. Nurses who have been fully vacci­nated need to send verifi­ca­tion to Employee Central with the dates of the vacci­na­tion and a photo. If you are needing to submit for a medical or religious exemp­tion, do not wait to get this infor­ma­tion turned in. Virginia Mason was not able to give us a timeline for how long these will take to process the exemp­tions. We were told the medical and religious exemp­tions that they have received to this point are still being processed and no decisions have been sent out.

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Michelle Moore at mmoore@wsna.org.