Your WSNA Negotiations Team met for our first negotiations prep session on Friday, Oct. 19

We are thrilled that four RNs have expressed interest in being on this year’s negotiation team. We reviewed the survey responses, considered recent grievances and ULP as part of this comprehensive review. We also reviewed the current contract looking for articles in need of updating.

A big thanks to Dave McClure for his contributions to our discussions.

Your priorities are driven by your survey responses, the recent history of employer application of contract and one-on-one conversations with members and leaders. We will be meeting with WSNA attorney Lane Toensmeier in the next couple of weeks to set priorities and set a bargaining strategy.

We are looking at dates in late November to begin negotiations with the employer.

Feel free to reach out to WSNA Representative Ed Zercher at ezercher@wsna.org with any questions or concerns that you may have.