We’re almost there! As you know, we ratified the contract in June. The process has taken much longer than antic­i­pated. The contract is ready for signa­tures. We antic­i­pate getting the signa­tures when we meet with manage­ment for Confer­ence Committee on September 9. Once that is done, the contract will get uploaded electron­i­cally. A notifi­ca­tion will go out to all once it is avail­able online.

It’s our under­standing that the settle­ment from our payroll griev­ance has been sent out. If you believe you should have received the back pay and have not received it, please let your WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive, Carmen Garrison ( know. The affected nurses were those who are perma­nent charge, STAT, Resource.

The retro pay for all CWH RNs covered by our contract has been distrib­uted. If you didn’t notice the extra pay in one of your recent checks, please contact payroll.

A special thanks to your negoti­ating team for all their hard work. Susan Chapman, Judy McBride, Samantha Goff, Crystal Clabaugh, Stefanie Gates, Lorna Sebas­tian, Michele Rae, Amanda Cortes, Nick Jackson and Paul Molenaar.

Local Unit Meeting

We’re having a picnic on Monday, Sept. 23, 5 — 8 p.m. at Walla Walla Park, shelter #2 in Wenatchee. Family members are welcome to join the fun. Bring a healthy appetite.

ADO/​Staffing Complaint Forms are now online at wsna​.org/union/ado. These are reviewed by your Staffing Committee. We encourage you to use the online version. Copies automat­i­cally go to the LU (Local Unit) Chair, the co-chairs on the staffing committee, which includes Tracey Kasnic. Please include your manager’s email infor­ma­tion so a copy goes to them as well.

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Carmen Garrison at or 206 – 575-7979, ext. 3113.