COVID update

Your team and WSNA are here for you!

As the frontline workers, you are not only precious but highly valued and respected. We are much stronger working together and we will get through this!

What’s Being Done?



ADO vs Staffing Concern Form

  • ADO The WSNA online ADO form www.wsna.org/ado comes right to your chair and your nurse representative immediately. Last week we received an ADO at 0851 for someone low censused incorrectly and it was resolved with her actually working by 1041 hours that same morning. Please note. Your internal staffing complaint forms do not ever go to your nurse representative! I have received absolute reassurance that no one will be criticized for filling out an ADO – please let me or one of the team know immediately if that happens.


The WSNA team is working extremely hard around the clock to bring you all the most current information on this very fluid situation. Your best quick resource will be www.wsna.org under the COVID tab. However, stay tuned for further email updates!

Please stay safe.

Thank you ALL so much for all you do.

Kim McClure – Chair
Heather Bush - Vice-chair
Stefanie Meyer - Treasurer

Sue Dunlap (sdunlap@wsna.org)