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Your officers have had almost daily discussions about PPE with various concerns expressed by all the nurses at Island. Your own Island community has stepped up to donate what supplies they have available and your leadership has access to requesting supplies via the federal stockpile through your own health department. As you all know this is a HUGE issue within the health care community. After discussion yesterday with your leadership as well as providing statements from governing officials such as Joint Commission, your leadership has relaxed its position on wearing masks at all times. Health care workers are now permitted to wear masks – including masks from home – at all times to help preserve the health of everyone. Your leadership was also given this article to reference.


We have reassurances from your upper leadership that the correct PPE for the correct precaution is available to nurses upon request. Those are for items such as PAPR and CAPR and N95. They have also established that they are following the most current CDC recommendations so if there are issues or problems please bring them to your local unit leaders attention or your nurse rep attention immediately. A quick and easy way to do that is to complete the online WSNA ADO form. (see below)


Hospital leadership have been working on surge plan and have daily huddles to determine where they are in the process. Part of that plan includes utilizing the short stay as an ICU once again due to the availability of the two reverse air flow rooms located down there. They have reported an ability to convert the entire area to a reverse airflow but that creates its own unique challenges of itself. Their hope is to not have to do that. The good news is that the much talked about surge has not happened. Your leadership has been asked to communicate about this with all the staff and update regularly.


We have a commitment to place nurses at the top of the priority for any Covid19 testing that is indicated. Leadership is aware that there was a significant notification delay initially as they struggled to find a testing source that would provide a quick results. They have reported they are now receiving results in 2 days and are committed to alerting employees for follow up. Your leadership apologized for the delay and indicated they believe now with systems in place the response will be much quicker.


Your local unit team and WSNA are working with management right now to finalize a proposal that will provide extra protection and benefits around the nursing staff. We recognize that all healthcare staff on the front lines are equally Important and indispensable at this time. Your officers and WSNA are working hard to secure benefits for the nurses. There will be more coming on that. But know that you are all valued and we are seeking to have that acknowledgement from your leadership in the form of an agreement.

Please stay tuned for updates from your officers and WSNA. We will be hosting an ALL MEMBER CALL IN TOWN hall next week open to all members across the state. This will be the BEST opportunity to hear what we are doing on a big scale as well as share in the challenges and victories of your nurse co-workers from around the state.

ADO (Assignment Despite Objection) forms and Staffing concern forms

Please note that the online WSNA ADO forms come directly to your local chair Kim and your nurse rep. The minute you hit send it arrives in the inbox. We are utilizing this format to get information quickly to us so we can address this with leadership in as close to real time as we can. We have the ability to have at least daily conversations with your leadership to bring these concerns up. I have received reassurances that there are NO repercussions to filling these out. You can access the form from your smart phone and complete it easily as well as on desktop computer. That form can be found on www.wsna.org/ado .


There are so many changes going on right now its hard to keep up! Fortunately, we have the BEST team at WSNA on top of all things and they have a web page full of resources and information on www.wsna.org . This will include information and resources for families as well as nurses and has some very valuable resources for financial assistance during this time.

As always, reach out to one of your officers or directly to your nurse rep. we are here for you! And together we are stronger!

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!

Chair: Kimberly McClure, Labor and Delivery

Vice Chair: Heather Bush, ICU

Treasurer: Stefanie Meyer, Acute Care

Sue Dunlap sdunlap@wsna.org