Update from bargaining session #4

The team had a full day of negotiations on Jan. 19. Management came to the table with a proposal that included economics and provided us with a good starting point in discussion of wage increases. They did not however, respond to our proposal to add dependent coverage benefit plans. While we were able to have some great conversation around issues like scheduling, your team continues to vigorously oppose management proposals on topics like increasing the low census cap, increasing per diem requirements, and creating standby obligations without associated standby pay.

Your WSNA team provided management with a comprehensive counter proposal at the end of our session today and the “ball is in their court” to respond when we meet again for our next session on Jan. 29. In anticipation of that session, we are asking everyone to wear a WSNA sticker on that day to show a unified stand and support of your negotiating team. Stay tuned to your email for further updates and information as we will provide a list of contacts who will be able to distribute stickers to wear that day.

The team volunteers their time to engage in these negotiations. Human Resources has a PTO donation form to help offset the lost wages while attending these discussions. If any staff are so inclined to donate some time to the team, it would be greatly appreciated. Please email HR directly for a copy of this donation form. Thank you for your support of your officers!

Kimberly A. McClure, RN–Chair
Adrian Fewing, BSN, RN–Vice Chair
Jeanne Chudy, RN–Secretary
Stefanie Meyer, BSN, RN–Treasurer
Kate Scherer, BSN, RN, CEN– Grievance Officer

Questions? Contact Sue Dunlap MSN Nurse representative at sdunlap@wsna.org or call 206-575-7979 ext. 3005.