Update from bargaining session #5

We had our 5th session with management on Friday, Jan. 29, 2021. And we are pleased to report some progress although we are still apart with regards to the wage increase. We are pleased however to report that all the actions of every single nurse at Island have definitely helped the team at the table. Together we have sent a message to listen to the nurses and management has heard. On Friday, the team was successful in the following:

  • Management has withdrawn their proposal about increasing per diem work requirements.
  • Management has withdrawn their proposal to have per diem nurses choose ONLY from scheduled vacancies and maintained the expectation of providing availability only.
  • Management has withdrawn their proposal for keeping nurses on standby without standby pay.

Management has offered a slight increase in the general wage increase, but not enough movement based on our comparisons and what we hear from all of you about wages. We are hopeful, however, that we can make further progress in this area and help bring Island nurses back into the market for competitive wages.

Our next negotiations session is not until towards the end of February – we are waiting on confirmation from management about date, time, and attendees as management will be bringing in a new representative to assist Carol Northup in the proceedings.

We need your help!
The photos of nurses with stickers were a big help. We all know for a fact that leadership monitors and is keenly aware of community perception of Island Hospital. Social media is being monitored for this information and your posting of photos with the hashtag #SupportIslandRNs is STILL needed! In fact, the more times a photo with this hashtag is shared the better opportunity we have to let management know that the nurses stand together and are united in the goal of securing a great contract. Keep the photos and postings coming! #SUPPORTISLANDRNS

Next steps
We would like the hospital administration to know that the community also supports the nurses. We have additional car signs on order so if you have connections to any local business please reach out and ask if they would support nurses in the negotiations by posting a sign that states simply to support the Island nurses. We will give information on when and where to collect those signs to post. It should be noted that the local Taxi service has picked up signs for in the taxi vehicle already! YEAH!

Please continue to sticker up! Continue to post pics on your various social media platforms. Continue to make sure the photos are PUBLIC and use the hashtag #SupportIslandRNs. Let’s get this trending!

Stay tuned for more updates and further things you can do to help your team at the table. Thank you for all your support and encouragement! Your team appreciates every one of you. Remember, only WSNA members are eligible to vote on the contract.

Kimberly A. McClure, RN–Chair
Adrian Fewing, BSN, RN–Vice Chair
Jeanne Chudy, RN–Secretary
Stefanie Meyer, BSN, RN–Treasurer
Kate Scherer, BSN, RN, CEN– Grievance Officer

Questions? Contact Sue Dunlap MSN Nurse representative at sdunlap@wsna.org or call 206-575-7979 ext. 3005.