WSNA response to Island email announcement regarding COVID vaccine administration

WSNA is aware of the email announcement that came from Island hospital regarding the COVID vaccine administration. Leadership did discuss this with us in advance of their announcement and we wanted you to hear our perspective and response.

  1. Applying to be included in the administration program is a good thing for Island Hospital (IH). Leadership does not know if IH Is approved yet. Leadership has no idea what type of vaccine they would receive nor how many doses etc. That is common to all the state hospitals.
  2. IH would like an idea of who would want the vaccine and their contact information so they can be contacted for appointments ONLY IF ISLAND IS APPROVED for the program. Still unknown. WSNA has been assured that personal information confidentiality would be upheld during this process.
  3. The COVID vaccine is NOT MANDATORY and every employee can opt out. Every employee has the option to not participate in the voluntary notification of intent to receive the vaccine. Every employee has the option of changing their minds.

If any nurse is receiving different information please contact one of your elected officers or your WSNA nurse representative. Please note: Updates to this rapidly changing situation will also be posted on Island Hospitals page at https://www.wsna.org/union/island-hospital so check there if you think you may have missed an email.

Kimberly A. McClure, RN–Chair
Adrian Fewing, BSN, RN–Vice Chair
Jeanne Chudy, RN–Secretary
Stefanie Meyer, BSN, RN–Treasurer
Kate Scherer, BSN, RN, CEN– Grievance Officer

Please contact your nurse representative Sue Dunlap MSN, at sdunlap@wsna.org or 206 – 575-7979 ext. 3005 with any questions or comments.