Fb kadlc 1912006 galvez martha

To all my colleagues at Kadlec, 

Thank you for entrusting me to repre­sent our local unit at negoti­a­tions. This was not an easy task, but one that I was glad to do and honored to be a part of. We all grew and learned a lot in the last 15 months. I am very proud of US (all the nurses at Kadlec) for every­thing we accom­plished. We’ve come far in unity and solidarity not just among us, but also with other nurses and employees at other Provi­dence Hospi­tals across the state. And although we all shared a common goal of a fair contract, each facility had its own unique issues at each of their tables.

As a team, we could not forget what you had told us in prior surveys and meetings. So, as we often do in our nursing process, we prior­i­tized and focused on what was impor­tant for us as a whole. Although we were prepared to, our goal was a fair contract, NOT a STRIKE!

I feel comfort­able in recom­mending a YES vote for the tenta­tive agree­ment (TA) of our collec­tive bargaining agree­ment (CBA).

In solidarity,

Martha Galvez, Chair