We still have not received Provi­dence sign off for our CBA after months of patiently waiting. It is well past time to move forward. Your contract can be located on our Kadlec Local unit page.

Manda­tory Low Census 

WSNA has received notice that Provi­dence has exercised their contrac­tual right to revoke the No manda­tory Low Census. Manda­tory low census may begin as early as May 31st. We have been in discus­sion with Provi­dence regarding various options that could reduce the need for manda­tory low census and enhance the ability of nurses to receive unemploy­ment compen­sa­tion for reduced hours. These conver­sa­tions are still ongoing, and we will get updates when possible. 

Questions or concerns? Contact your Nurse Rep Jayson Dick at 206 – 858-2139