Dear WSNA nurses,

Nurse Rep Debi Bessmer BSN RN will now be the Interim WSNA Repre­sen­ta­tive at Kadlec Regional Medical Center. A perma­nent replace­ment will be announced in the near future. Debi comes with 15 years of experi­ence at WSNA and 32 years of experi­ence as an RN. She was the Nurse Rep for Provi­dence Sacred Heart for 14 years and played an integral part in our most recent Provi­dence contract campaign which included spending a couple sessions at the table here at Kadlec. I have enjoyed working with all of you and will continue to do so just in a different role as Associate Director of Labor Advocacy.

Debi can be reached at or 1 – 800-231‑8482 ext: 3112.

In Solidarity,

Jayson Dick, MBA, BSN, RN
Associate Director of Labor Advocacy