We started today with a strong safety proposal that sets minimum standards to protect nurses from violence, would create a committee with equal members from WSNA that would address violence issues throughout the hospital and would provide income assur­ance for victims of violence. We asked for action now! We’re waiting for their counter proposal on this.

Team members advocated for nurses regarding floating, which is a high priority. The overuse and abuse of floating and its safety conse­quences to patients, was described in detail by your team.

Prime-time PTO requests were also addressed, hoping to fix the broken system. At 16:44 manage­ment gave us their PTO proposal which has major negatives that include lower caps on PTO accrual, loss of benefits for some employees, and mixed results for the rest. We are still analyzing this proposal. Manage­ment are also proposing to cut off use of accrued EIB at the end 2020. We are committed to protecting everyone’s PTO and accrued EIB!

Our next date is November 13. We are working with manage­ment for more dates. Watch for further commu­ni­ca­tion from WSNA.