After negoti­a­tions on Monday, Marianne Sturte­vant, Jacob Garcia, Vanessa Douglas and Carmen Garrison met with Washington State Senator Sharon Brown to discuss the recent incidents of workplace violence at Kadlec. Senator Brown was inter­ested to hear directly from nurses about what is needed to help prevent and respond to workplace violence.

Hearing infor­ma­tion about the lack of security guards, physical features of patient rooms that are poten­tially unsafe and the lack of adequate training made an impres­sion on the Senator, whose mom was a nurse. Senator Brown is inter­ested in sponsoring legis­la­tion to address workplace violence in the 2019 legisla­tive session. 

Meet with Legislators TONIGHT #

As demon­strated by the meeting with Senator Brown, now is the best time to meet with legis­la­tors to get support for workplace violence legis­la­tion in the 2019 session. Right now, legis­la­tors can spend 30 – 60 minutes with us, totally focused on nursing issues. During session, we are lucky to get 10 – 15 minutes of their time, during which distrac­tions are likely to arise.

You can make a differ­ence TODAY by showing up to the Nurses Speak event tonight. This event will show legis­la­tors and candi­dates why they need to address workplace violence this coming legisla­tive session. Your voice, your stories, and most impor­tantly, your ideas for solutions are criti­cally impor­tant at this phase in the process.

Please join us tonight — you are welcome to partic­i­pate even if you have not regis­tered for the event:

Nurses Speak — Kennewick
Wednesday, Oct. 17 from 5 — 6:30 p.m.
Red Lion Hotel Kennewick Columbia Center (1101 N Columbia Center Blvd Kennewick, WA 99336)