Kadlec nurses showed up in record numbers to vote on October 29 and 30, and by an overwhelming majority, we voted to autho­rize a strike.

We sent a clear message to manage­ment that we are willing to do whatever it takes to get a fair contract, including going on strike.

When a strike is called, WSNA will give the legally required 10-days’ notice to Provi­dence Kadlec prior to the strike.

With this vote, we made a clear and powerful state­ment that we will keep fighting for safe staffing, safe working condi­tions and keeping the benefits we have earned. Provi­dence demands substan­tial cuts to our earned PTO, even as Provi­dence is making record profits — $1 billion in the first half of this year alone. 

We are standing up in the face of troubling and illegal actions by Provi­dence Kadlec, actions aimed at dimin­ishing our power, including inter­fering with nurses’ right to concerted activity and failing to bargain in good faith. We believe manage­ment has committed multiple Unfair Labor Practices. We have filed ULPs against Kadlec, and WSNA will declare a ULP strike if there is one.

We are in the process of sched­uling another media­tion date. Provi­dence Kadlec has the oppor­tu­nity to avert a strike by coming back to the negoti­ating table prepared to engage in serious discus­sions about issues of concern to nurses and our patients.

We will continue fighting for a contract that protects our working condi­tions, our patients and our community.

Your Bargaining team:

Jacob Garcia (CDU), Martha Galvez (Birth Center), Vanessa Douglas (ICU), Kathy Peot (Resource), Marianne Sturte­vant (OR), Meri Bukovinsky (CDU), Joyce McMurphy (NICU)

Questions? Call WSNA Nurse Rep Jayson Dick. MBA, BSN, RN, at 206 – 858-2139.