You can help build pressure at the negotiating table! #

Kadlec nurses knocked it out of the park with our turnout and overwhelming majority support for a strike at the strike autho­riza­tion vote!

We will continue to press Manage­ment to give us a fair proposal that meets the needs of nurses by ensuring safe staffing at all times, better protecting against workplace violence, and providing the time off we need to take care of ourselves and our families.

We all want to settle this contract at the bargaining table, but we’re ready to strike if we have to. Our next negoti­a­tion with a federal mediator is November 25.

We need to keep up the pressure – from nurses and members of our commu­nity. Here’s what you can do to help us pressure Provi­dence to give us the contract we deserve:

  • Share the public petition and encourage your friends and neigh­bors to sign on
    Kadlec is our community’s hospital. Encourage everyone you know to tell Provi­dence that the Tri-Cities commu­nity supports us in getting a fair contract that ensures safe staffing and maintains earned benefits so we all can receive the excep­tional care we expect from Kadlec.”
    Share this link: https://​www​.survey​monkey​.com/​r​/​w​e​l​o​v​eKadlecRNs

  • Reach out to businesses and commu­nity organi­za­tions
    Are you member of a church, a volun­teer organi­za­tion, a club? Fill out a Commu­nity Connec­tions” card so that we can reach out and get the commu­nity on our side.

  • Are you signed up for a strike committee? It’s not too late!
    Fill out the strike committee form. We are moving forward with organi­za­tion commit­tees so that we are prepared to strike if we have to.

Media coverage you may have missed
In case you missed it, here is a round-up of some of the media coverage we got for our strike autho­riza­tion vote.

Stay tuned for local unit and strike committee meeting dates.

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