Incentive shifts are being extended!

An updated MOU is being finalized and will extend through June 30, 2022.

WSNA has been working with UWMC Leadership to extend the very necessary Incentive Shifts at UWMC.

We have heard from many of our RNs and as a condition of extending this MOU, WSNA insisted that the employer remove the provision that forces an RN to forfeit the incentive bonus in the event they call in sick during the same pay period they work the incentive shift. We do not believe that this is fair and serves to punish RNs who elect to call in sick to protect themselves and their patients. Moving forward, those who are eligible for and utilize sick leave, will have those hours counted for the purposes of meeting their FTE.

We had many conversations with UWMC ML and NW leadership regarding this issue and let them know in no uncertain terms that RNs were not attempting to game the system in the rare event they have to call in sick during the same period that an incentive shift was worked.

Thanks to all of the RNs that spoke up and reached out to leadership on this issue.

While UWMC leadership and WSNA work to bridge the staffing gap, a big thanks goes out to all of the WSNA RNs that continue to go above and beyond by working extended hours and picking up extra shifts on days off.

United we prevail!

For questions, please contact your WSNA Nurse Representative

UWMC Montlake Ed Zercher ezercher@wsna.org , UWMC NW Sara Frey sfrey@wsna.org.