Negotiations on timekeeping system

WSNA has been bargaining with PeaceHealth regarding the unilateral implementation of timekeeping changes on March 12, 2023. Management shared that they implemented the changes as abruptly as they did in response to a settlement agreement that requires them to pay you for all of your time. Unfortunately, they are using that as a mid-term opportunity to shoehorn takeaways for overtime calculations. Examples we are addressing since implementation include unauthorized use of PTO if you clock out early, paying advance of shift if you clock in early, receipt of overtime if you clock out after your shift ends, lack of clear and consistent communication issues between staff and managers on clocking practices, and potential disciplinary or coaching received by nurses regarding clocking practices.

We are continuing to work at the table to protect the premiums you have previously bargained that go above and beyond the Fair Labor Standards Act. We have scheduled another meeting for May 23, 2023, to continue our discussions.

If you have any questions, check in with your WSNA Nurse Representative.