Recently WSNA filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge with the Federal Govern­ment against Peace Health St. John for the unilat­eral imple­men­ta­tion of several policies related to Covid-19 and direct dealing with nurses regarding the imple­men­ta­tion. While there are policies that WSNA does not fully disagree with, there are some that that present signif­i­cant changes to working condi­tions. It is imper­a­tive that Peace­Health honor your right to bargain any changes to hours, wages, and working condi­tions. As the advocate for RNs at Peace­Health St. John it is our inten­tion to ensure your voices are heard and that our right to bargain over changes to your working condi­tions is preserved.

Please contact your nurse repre­sen­ta­tive Travis Elmore, at
or 206 – 575-7979 ext. 3117 with any questions or comments.